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Lower Body Superset Workout with Anissia Hughes

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Final week on Coach of the Month Membership, Anissia Hughes, NASM-certified coach, and creator of the Body weight Power with Anissia on the Sweat app, took us by way of an upper-body superset exercise. This week, she’s bringing that very same sort of burn to your decrease physique with strikes like goblet squats, reverse lunges, leap squats, and glute bridges.

Fast refresher: “A superset means we carry out every transfer again to again, with little to no relaxation in between,” says Hughes. Consisting of two rounds of three supersets, this exercise is designed to fireside up your quads, glutes, and hamstrings with out spending tons of time on the fitness center. That mentioned, simply because the exercise is fast and environment friendly doesn’t suggest that you need to coast by way of it. “Once more, you are not simply doing this to undergo the motions. You are doing it to fireside up these muscle groups, have that mind-to-muscle connection, and go to work,” Hughes says.

Able to sweat? Seize a pair of 8-15 pound weights, press play on the video above, and observe together with the actions under.

Decrease physique superset exercise with Anissia Hughes

Carry out two rounds of every superset earlier than shifting on to the following one. Take a 20-30 second break between rounds.

Superset #1 
Do 12 reps of every motion. 

Entrance squats: Begin standing together with your ft about shoulder-width aside, and your toes pointing barely outward. If utilizing dumbbells, maintain them in order that they relaxation evenly in your shoulders. Decrease down right into a squat, then come again to standing. Make sure to push up by way of your heels as you stand.

Leap squats: Put your dumbbells off to the facet. Begin standing together with your ft about shoulder-width aside, and your toes pointing barely outward. Decrease right into a squat. As you come again up, push off of the bottom so that you simply carry out a small leap on the prime of your squat.

Superset #2
Do 12 reps of every motion. 

Alternating reverse lunges: For this motion, you possibly can maintain your dumbbells in order that they relaxation evenly in your shoulders, or maintain them down by your sides. Preserve your chest up, and your shoulders again out of your ears. From a standing place, the first step foot again right into a reverse lunge. Press into the alternative heel as you deliver your foot again to the beginning place. Alternate sides so that you simply full six reps on all sides, for a complete of 12 reps.

Reverse deadlifts: Maintain your dumbbells in entrance of you together with your palms dealing with again. Hinge ahead at your hips and ship your glutes again as you decrease your dumbbells, maintaining them near your legs. Make sure to preserve your again and lats engaged, you should not really feel this in your decrease again, and return to the highest of the motion.

Superset #3
Do 12 reps of every motion.

Goblet squats: Begin standing together with your ft just a little bit wider than shoulder-width aside. Maintain one dumbbell with each arms in entrance of your chest. Carry out a squat, ensuring to maintain your chest up and your shoulders again.

Glute bridges: Lay in your again together with your knees bent and your ft flat on the bottom. Place your arms down by your sides. Raise your hips up, and squeeze your glutes on the prime. Decrease again down, controlling the motion and maintaining your muscle groups engaged. You possibly can place the dumbbell in your hips if you wish to add depth.

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