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Slam Ball Exercises: Explosive Power and Full-Body Strength

With foam rollers, sliders, resistance bands, suspension trainers, and wearable weights (simply to call just a few), nowadays it looks as if there’s an infinite variety of exercise instruments to select from. Nut none are arguably as versatile—and badass—because the slam ball. In the event you’ve seen these unassuming rubber balls on the health club, you could be considering, what’s so particular about them? It seems: quite a bit.

Slam balls are distinctive due to their skill to endure a ton of drive. You possibly can actually slam or throw them—in opposition to the ground or some other laborious floor—with all of your would possibly, to your coronary heart’s content material, with out breaking them. Meaning you should use them in quite a bit of cool methods in your health routine.

“Slam balls are a extremely efficient, full-body exercise that improves power, energy, velocity, coordination, and cardiovascular health concurrently,” says Life Time private coach Orrie Markfeld.

Plus, slamming a ball as laborious as you possibly can is a significantly satisfying (and protected) solution to blow off some steam and relieve on a regular basis stress.

Slamming a ball as laborious as you possibly can is a significantly satisfying (and protected) solution to blow off steam.

Able to get slammin’? Learn on to study extra about this dynamic piece of health club gear that may take your health up a notch (or two or three).

Slam balls 101

What are slam balls? 

“Slam balls are dense rubber balls particularly designed to face up to high-impact workouts like slamming and throwing in opposition to the bottom or the wall,” Markfeld says. “They’re meant to soak up the drive of the affect with out bouncing or rolling away.”

How do they differ from conventional drugs balls?

“Medication balls could be product of leather-based, rubber, or vinyl and have a bit of extra bounce to them,” Markfeld says. In contrast to slam balls, drugs balls are not made for prime affect slamming. In the event you slam them, they pose a critical threat for harm as a result of they bounce (learn: they’ll bounce again and hit you within the face, head, or one other physique half), in keeping with Markfeld.

Who ought to keep away from slam ball workouts?

“Whereas slam balls are unimaginable, there are specific people who ought to strategy them with warning or keep away from them altogether,” Markfeld says. The next teams ought to avoid slam balls:

  • Individuals with pre-existing medical situations, like cardiac issues
  • Individuals with accidents
  • Pregnant individuals
  • Health club newbies
  • People who find themselves deconditioned

When unsure, examine in with a certified skilled earlier than starting slam ball workouts (or any new exercise). It’s at all times a wise concept to seek the advice of along with your healthcare supplier or a health coach when you have any considerations or points which will have an effect on your skill to securely carry out an train, Markfeld says.

4 advantages of slam ball workouts 

Why must you use slam balls in your exercise? As a result of they work your physique from head to toe. Listed below are just a few additional causes to present them a attempt.

1. They construct explosive energy

“The aggressive and explosive nature of the slam ball requires fast muscle contractions, which help within the growth of explosive energy,” Markfeld says. And the extra you do slam ball workouts, the sooner you’ll generate drive. That means: you’ll see huge positive factors in any actions that require velocity, agility, and energy (assume: sprinting, leaping, Olympic weightlifting, soccer, or soccer), he says.

2. They improve full-body power

Don’t be shocked if all of your muscular tissues are sore after a slam ball exercise. “As a result of the slam ball calls for the usage of a number of muscle teams concurrently, the result’s a extra complete total-body exercise,” Markfeld says.

On high of rising stronger within the health club, you’ll additionally construct useful power (i.e., “you’ll be capable of deal with on a regular basis actions extra comfortably”), he says. And that’s not all. Over time, plan on seeing enhancements in your muscular endurance, coordination, agility, and psychological toughness. That’s a boatload of bonuses in your thoughts and physique.

3. They supply critical stress reduction

Actual speak: All of us have days once we ponder slamming one thing out of frustration. Now you possibly can (with out hurting your self or anybody else).

“Slamming a heavy ball onto the bottom with drive could be extraordinarily cathartic in addition to stress-relieving,” Markfeld says. “It’s an ideal outlet for [releasing] pent-up power and frustration in a managed, productive, and protected ambiance.”

So the following time life will get powerful, take it out on the slam ball.

4. They up your cardio sport

We already know that slam ball workouts are strenuous sufficient to construct full-body power. However they’re additionally a killer cardio exercise.

“Slam balls are metabolically demanding, as they are going to elevate your coronary heart price,” Markfeld says. Translation: Anticipate to suck some critical wind. And the extra you utilize slam balls, the larger the profit in your coronary heart.

“Over time, with consistency, [your] cardiovascular endurance will enhance,” Markfeld says.

6 slam ball workouts to get you began

There are a ton of the way to make use of slam balls in your exercises, however these strikes are nice to start with. (Haven’t got a slam ball but? For a house health club, we just like the Titan Health 50-lb. Rubber Slam Ball.)

1. Overhead Slam

This full-body transfer is a good way to construct explosive energy.

fit personal trainer does an overhead slam ball exercise

  1. Stand along with your toes shoulder-width aside.
  2. Sustaining a impartial backbone and weight in your heels, raise the slam ball overhead to full extension of your knees, hips, and arms.
  3. With aggressive flexion of your hip (assume: the identical motion as a sit-up), slam the ball to the ground between your toes.
  4. Rinse and repeat.

2. Vertical Toe Faucet

The most important problem with this transfer is guaranteeing you are utilizing your core, not your decrease again or momentum, to achieve your toes.

fit personal trainer does a slam ball vertical to tap

  1. Lie flat on floor along with your legs prolonged up above your hips.
  2. With straight arms, assist the slam ball over your chest.
  3. Holding your legs straight, crunch up and attain the ball towards your toes. Make the most of your core right here, not your decrease again.
  4. Decrease your shoulders again to floor and repeat.

3. Slam Ball Toe Faucets

Need to enhance your steadiness and coordination? Do that train frequently and you will be impressed with how briskly you are capable of hop from toes to toes.

male PT demonstrates how to do slam ball toe taps

  1. Stand behind the ball along with your toes beneath your hips.
  2. Raise one foot off the bottom and faucet the ball evenly along with your toes.
  3. Rapidly soar and swap toes, tapping the toes of your different foot onto the ball.
  4. Improve velocity as you develop into extra snug with coordination and steadiness.

4. Slam Ball Trunk Twist

The basic indirect twist is a superb place to include a slam ball.

personal trainer shows how to do a trunk twist with a slam ball

  1. Sit on the ground along with your legs raised off the bottom, knees in tabletop (if that is too troublesome, hold your toes down).
  2. Maintain the slam ball with each palms (if the ball is a clock, your palms are at 9 and three).
  3. Twist to 1 aspect, tapping the ball on the bottom beside your hip.
  4. Reverse the motion and twist to reverse aspect.
  5. Proceed for desired time or variety of reps.

5. Slam Ball Windmill

Sit at a pc all day? This transfer opens your chest, strengthens your shoulders, and helps get some mobility into your hips.

male personal trainer hold one hand up to the sky holding a heavy ball and one hand touches his toes

  1. Begin along with your toes barely wider than shoulder-width.
  2. Relaxation the slam ball within the palm of your proper hand and maintain it overhead.
  3. Preserve a locked-out arm place, along with your wrist stacked over your shoulder.
  4. Hold your eyes on the ball via the motion.
  5. Hinge at your hips whereas letting your left arm slide down your left leg as you bow over.
  6. Preserve an open chest, stacking your shoulders over one another within the backside place.
  7. Go as far down as your vary of movement will comfortably enable.
  8. Push again up and lift your chest, returning to the beginning place. Change sides.

6. Slam Ball Alternating Push-Up

Transferring the slam ball from one hand to the following challenges your core and stability in a approach that common push-ups are lacking.

personal trainer does alternating push-ups on top of a heavy ball at the gym

  1. Start in a excessive plank place with one hand supported on the slam ball.
  2. Decrease your chest to floor and check out to not let your hips sag.
  3. Push again up whereas sustaining the plank place.
  4. Roll the ball to your reverse hand and carry out on the opposite aspect.

3 slam ball exercises 

Unsure how you can combine these slam ball workouts into your weekly exercises? We took the guesswork out of it for you. Strive considered one of these high-intensity slam ball routines designed by Markfeld. Each will degree up your metabolic conditioning in 20 minutes or much less.

Routine 1

Carry out 8 rounds of every train for 20 seconds on (10 seconds off) with a minute of relaxation in between actions. The 20-second window is supposed to be laborious and intense.

Routine 2

Your goal must be to finish every spherical of three workouts in roughly 4 to five minutes. Carry out 5 rounds in whole.

  • 400-meter run
  • 30 overhead slams
  • 30 push-ups

Routine 3

Your objective is to finish as many rounds and reps as doable (AMRAP) in 12 minutes. With comparatively low reps for every motion, count on faster cycle instances and transitions from motion to motion.



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